Today, investments in land can be a more secure investment than buying a home. The property can give you many options, such as a vacation home or agricultural lands. If you want to get the most out of your property, you may want to add living quarters, especially if you plan on using it as a vacation property. Here are some solutions that you may want to consider to add living quarters to vacant property:

1. Having A Modular Home Installed On Your Property

Modular homes can be a great way to add affordable quarters to your vacation property. These are homes that are built in prefabricated sections and then delivered to the site. This has many benefits, such as quality control, reduced costs, and better completion times. It can also be a very affordable way to have a small vacation home added to your property. Many of these modular companies even have models in stock that you can have them delivered for a quick solution, or you can talk with them about a custom design.

2. Building A Small Timber Cabin With Open Spaces

If a modular home design is not right for you, a timber or log cabin can also be a good solution to create an affordable home on your property. You may want to consider something like pole framing with timber to create the basic frame and then other more affordable methods to complete the structure. This can include things like log siding, which can be less costly than a home made completely out of logs.

3. Open Spaces With Metal Buildings For Multiple Purposes

Another option you may want to consider for your home is opening up space using a metal building. If you are looking for a barn style home with open space for things like animals or a shop, this can be a great solution. You can even choose from many traditional designs that are made of steel to give your home a custom look. Steel also has the benefit of being very durable and storm resistant, which can ensure that this is an investment for your family that will last for generations.

These are some solutions that you may want to consider to add affordable living quarters to your vacant property. If you are ready for the perfect vacation home, contact a design agency to help you with the design of your new home. Visit a site like to get in touch with a design agency.